Collaborative Care

We use a unique approach to the field of medicine that seamlessly unites the expertise of multiple healthcare providers and clinical support to deliver care that is greater than the sum of its parts

Our practice is the largest fully independent, physician owned, Ob/Gyn practice in Mid-Michigan. Upon first site you'll notice that we are not the standard stale clinic with cold colors and obsolete equipment. Not only is our website the most robust but we also utilize the greatest health record management software, we are pioneers of the largest health information exchange in Michigan, the most robust collection and check-in system, and the same phone system used by Google, Ebay, and Yahoo. Our medical equipment is on par with any that you would find in the most state of the art hospital – we have two 4D ultrasounds, the latest in outpatient laparoscopic equipment, and fetal monitors capable of handling triplets. The combined formal education of our staff is equivalent to any two medical clinics in Genesee County combined.

We offer a Collaborative Care including:

• Midwifery
• Financial Consultation / Planning
• Sub-specialized Treatment
• 24/7/365 Access to clinicians
• The Most Talented Ob/Gyn Surgeons