As women approach menopause they often feel like driving into a tunnel full speed without any idea of what is on the other side – often bombarded by fears of hot flashes and mood swings. Oddly it’s not very common that women know that there are treatments for these symptoms. Within our clinic you can find the solution to an often hard to understand issue.

Dr. Rollison has dedicate years to the study of successful evidence-based management of menopause. Through an effective method of nutrition, treatments, and other methods he can help reduce or even negate the symptoms of menopause. Dr. Rollison has successfully taught future physicians on the subject of menopause and continues to be their primary resource on the subject.

If you feel that you may be nearing menopause we encourage that you discuss your concerns with one of our physicians. As there are so many women conflicted with the symptoms of menopause and specialists are hard to find it may be difficult to get an appointment so please call our office at (810) 733-8200 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.